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Being different is a really good thing. That was my first impressions on seeing this car at the Paris Autoshow. There was a lot of interest in this the new Honda Civic. The stand was buzzing and it [...]

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Barbados Festival of Speed 2016.

At the beginning of May my partner and I decided to have a long earned holiday to see my family and friends in Barbados. After stepping off the plane at Grantly Adams airport we walked into passport control and [...]

The New Alfa Romeo Giulia At The Geneva Motorshow 2016

This is the new Alfa Romeo Giulia that promises to be the alternative to the normal German Audi A4, BMW 3 series and Mercedes C-Class brigade. First impression from the front, which is its [...]

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Geneva Motorshow Report Part 2

Could one of the cars in this report be an important game changer? Or maybe both? Let's start with the Merc below: The New Mercedes Benz E Class. This is a handsome car that looks good parked in any [...]

Geneva Motor Show Report Part 1

Here it is!!!!! The first Car Show of the year for us (on this side of the world) the Geneva Motor Show! Most car makers where there, with only a few exceptions not attending (MINI [...]