This was the official launch of the new Insignia at the Geneva Motorshow 2107.
The thing I find most amusing regarding the whole sale of Vauxhall and Opel to the PSA group, is this car is the best that GM, Vauxhall and Opel have produced and I will guess it will be the last.
Lets be fair, I have not even driven it yet. I’m just judging it by its looks alone.
Could it be one of the best looking Vauxhalls to date?

The body styling has a mixture of the big European cars. When I posted a picture on Facebook of the new Insignia at the show, a reader commented and said it looks like a “Volvo”……… And yes I would have to agree. It does have a Volvo and a Audi A6 look to it.

Vauxhall are moving the Insignia more upmarket.  They are going for “premium styling with a premium feel to the interior”.
Well, from the styling alone they have done a good job. Taking a lot of inspiration from the Monza concept car.
It’s not a small car and it will be interesting to see what it looks like in the real world. At the show the hatchback hides its size well but when you compare it to the estate version, the estate looks massive.

Inside was what I was expected, as the styling and feel to the interior is following on from the impressive new Astra.
The main eye opener for me is the extra room. Extra room in the cockpit and much more room for the rear passengers, comparing both leg and rear height to the previous Insignia.

The question I have for you company car drivers is this…….
Are you more interested in value for money than what the badge says about you and the car you drive? If so……Go and check it out.

It is on sale now with the first deliveries in May 2107.

It will pull some sales away from the big Kia’s, Hyundai’s and Skoda’s. Will it do the same to the Audi’s, BMW’s?
It depends on how it drivers?

One final note:

I will like to see it in what I call the “M5 motorway Micheal Wood services car park spec”.
It means in basic spec, without the big alloys etc?

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