This is the new Jaguar E-Pace…… Jaguars first compact SUV.
Having a good look around it I think this could be one of the best new Jaguars to date.
Why do I say this?
Judging only by the looks, Jaguar have done a good job of incorporating the family design lines into this new vehicle. Just take a look at the front headlights or the grill, you can see the Jaguar DNA.
I like the look of this car a lot, yes it is my personal option, but I think the smaller proportions suit this vehicle better than its bigger brother the F-Pace.
I must also add that by no means am I saying that the F-Pace is an ugly SUV……. This just looks better.


So what is it like inside?

Navigating in and out of the front and the rear doors of this vehicle is easy. Once you have adjusted the drivers seat, and have settled behind the steering wheel, you get a clear view out the windscreen. The 2 front A pillars don’t seem to obstruct your view. I found that you can see the 12.3 colour digital TFT instrument display clearly in-between the steering wheel. You can change the TFT instrument display to show different information, for example 3D sat navigation.

The design and layout of the dashboard is simple. All the buttons are clear and are in easy reach. I really do like the angle of the dashboard where the latest generation Jaguar’s Touch pro infotainment system is housed.

I could’ve spent hours swiping and zooming in on maps the same way you do on a tablet or smartphone. It was very easy to use.
The whole interior of the new E-Pace screams function, even down to the heater controls. It is all very simple and welcoming. I got the sense in this SUV that nothing is gimmicky.

Sitting in the rear is a comfortable experience with nicely cushioned leather seats. There is plenty of head and legroom when you consider its overall size.

The drivers and passenger front seats are raised, so when I sat in the back my feet went under the front seats.


Safety is paramount with this car.

It hosts a whole load of safety aids from 6 airbags to Emergency Braking technology, but the stand out for me is that this car is the only car in its class to date to be fitted with a pedestrian airbag.
The pedestrian airbag will deploy at speeds between 16-31mph.
The Active Bonnet will lift and the pedestrian airbag will deploy. The airbag will cover the base of the windscreen to help minimise any injury. This will happen within 50-60 milliseconds of the collision.

There is a choice of 3 diesel and 2 petrol engines.  All 5 engines are 2.0 litre 4 cylinder units.

The 3 diesel engine power outputs are 150PS, 180PS and 240PS.

The 2 petrol power outputs are 249PS and 300PS.

You can choose between an all wheel drive and 2 wheel drive versions.

Prices start from £28,500

We Blog Any Car thoughts……………..

No doubt the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz, to name a few, will be looking very closely at the E-Pace.
From my short time looking over it at the show, I will say that this is a very good first effort from Jaguar on making a very competitive compact SUV.
If you are in the market for a new compact SUV and you want to be different I do recommend taking a look at one.
I’m sure you wont be disappointed.