I enjoy writing blogs…… and it just so happens that I also really enjoy writing short blogs on one of my favourite car manufacturers Alfa Romeo. Yes I maybe a little biased (I am a proud owner of a Alfa Romeo Spider) but I have now seen the new Giulia and have salivated over it in 3 different countries. (Frankfurt Geneva and the Paris motorshows). Each time I see it, it gets better and better.

I have good news!

It is now available to order at your local Alfa Romeo dealership.

Prices start at £29,180 on the road.

There will be 4 engines 2 petrol and 2 diesel.

The oh so lovely Giulia Quadrifoglio with its 510hp Bi Turbo petrol engine is also available to order with prices starting at £59,000 on the road.

So what is it really like?

If you have already ordered your next German saloon car. Never mind maybe next time………..

If you haven’t ordered your new D segment car then read on and then check it out for yourself at your local dealership.

You will probably know by now I am a fan of its striking Italian looks. (Pictures speak louder than words).

So I will blog about its interior instead.

Take a look at my pictures of inside the dash.

The whole interior is focused on the driver the thick sporty steering wheel, with the Alfa Romeo logo in the centre shining in silver and black, reminds you just what you are sitting in.(Just in case you forgot). I was able to adjust the steering wheel and view the dials ahead. The leather steering wheel and the size of it felt good. Something I really did like is the Alfa Connect display infotainment system screen. As you can see from the pictures it was off. I like the way that Alfa have seamlessly integrated it into the dashboard just above the dual climate controls in the centre. It has a kind of Apple iPhone look to it when the phone screen is off. Very classy.

Even the fit and feel of the plastics were splendid. It has a real premium quality to the interior finish. A million miles away from the older model Alfas.

Even sitting in the back there was plenty of head and leg room, but it is up front driving this car where you really want to be.

As I wrote in a previous blog about the Giulia, this car is all about being connected to its soul! And connected is what you will feel when you get behind the wheel of one. Isn’t that what you want to feel from a car even though you haven’t driven anywhere in it?

Its a YES from me!

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