Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo has given us a taste of what will be coming from the iconic brand.
The new Giulia.
This car will be stepping into the ring against the BMW M3, Mercedes C-Class AMG, Audi RS4 and maybe the forgotten Lexus RC F  (which is a nice car and somewhat seems to be over looked).

Let’s get down to the We Blog stats.

This is the Quadrifoglio version pictured in this blog.

6 Cylinder Turbo Engine
510 BHP
0-62 Mph 3.9 seconds
Active Aero Splitter
Rear Wheel Drive
Materials used
Carbon Fibre, Aluminium.

Inside the car we are told that the Giulia will be driver focused and fuss-free, with the main controls on the steering wheel.  Think F1 style. ( This should be interesting!)

With Alfa Romeo new DNA System which changes the drivers settings.  Dynamic, natural, advanced efficient and race mode.

We Blog Any Car thoughts…….

We would like to see this car in the real world.
We are great fans of Alfa Romeo and it is time that they boosted their range.
This is a step in the right direction but it has to be a proper attack on the other manufacturers in its class.
This means Alfa Romeo, you will have a good product.  Don’t let the UK dealers let you down.

What does the normal spec Giulia look like?  This will be the version that Alfa Romeo will be resting its sales hopes on.


They seem to be getting back in the game.
We cannot wait to report more on it.

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