New Car Blog News!  VW have informed me that there will be in their words, “AN EXTENSIVE UPDATE” to the current Golf.

Its World Premiere will be in November but here are some facts about the 42 year old Golf.

  • For 42 years a Golf has been sold every 40 second around the world
  • 32,590,025 Golfs sold by the end of 2015
  • The Golf is the most successful European car so far.
  • The most powerful Golf is the GTI W12-650 with 650 PS
  • Brazil, China, Germany and Mexico are the countries that make the Golf
  • Exported to 155 countries.
  • The Golf is the only car which is available with diesel, electric, gas, hybrid, and petrol engines.

Well, VW have me intrigued to see what this ‘updated’ new Golf will be like.

More news to come!

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