Porsche Mission E Concept. Porsche Mission E ConceptPorsche Mission E Concept sidePorsche e

Now, we at We Blog Any Car are petrol heads.  We don’t really like battery powered cars mainly because of how they look.  (Think shiny plastic.)

Porsche have pulled this out of their design box of tricks.  It looks so seductive and doesn’t look like a the normal “earth loving electric car” that most manufactures are showcasing or producing.

Porsche are just showing us what they think their future sports four door car will look like.

We Blog Any Car stats:

600 hp

2 motors

3.5 seconds to 0-62 mph

All wheel drive

Range 500 kilo metres

800 volts battery charging system (Porsche Turbo Charging charges the car in around the same time as it takes to fill a normal car with fuel.) 

Normal charging time 15 minutes

Eye tracking and gesture control instruments

Holographic display

4 race bucket seats

4 doors

21 inch front wheels

22 inch rear wheels

Porsche say: ‘The Mission E can even portray driving fun: a camera mounted in the rear-view mirror recog­nizes the driver’s good mood and shows it as an emoticon in the round instrument. The fun factor can be saved together with individual information such as the route or speed, and it can be shared with friends via a social media link’.

We Blog Any Car thoughts…………

This car looks brilliant.  Could Porsche take the body design and launch it as the new Panamera?

It is simply stunning in real life.

Produce it Porsche!  Electric or Petrol, we don’t care!!


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