Warrantywise.co.uk has revealed details of its top ten largest repair bills from 2018.

Warrantywise has sold over 400,000 warranties and have paid out over 84% of claims in full. 

 “If your car goes wrong, the chances are you’ll be met with an expensive repair bill, and it’s not just supercars that are expensive to repair, but as our top paid repairs show the likes of Nissan, Mercedes and Skoda can also encounter expensive repair bills. It just goes to show that all cars have the potential to go wrong. We cover every make and model of vehicle so we have experience in covering almost every car on the road. When you lay out the repair bills we pay out, you can see why so many customers trust our service.”

Said, Lawrence Whittaker, CEO of Warrantywise.

Listed below is Warrantywise top ten largest repair bills 2018.

MakeModelIssueAmount Paid
LAMBORGHINIAventadorCooling Fan Motor£8928
PORSCHE911 Carrera 2Engine (various faults)£8709
MCLARENMP4 – 12CGearbox£6084
LAND ROVERDiscovery 4Engine£5900
FORDS-MaxClutch (various faults)£5524
MERCEDESC ClassEngine£5306
BMW1 SeriesEngine£5239
SKODAYetiFuel System£5084