Following on from yesterday’s post regarding Vauxhall’s roadside assistance for NHS workers, the PSA group (the group which owns Peugeot, Citroen, DS Automobiles and Vauxhall) has announced that the same Road Side Assistant program now applies to NHS workers that drive any of the those 4 brands.

This means that if any NHS staff member breaks down in their vehicle (either at home or on the road) the service team will aim to repair the car.

If this isn’t possible the vehicle will be recovered to a Peugeot/Citroen/DS/Vauxhall Authorised repairer or a independent garage within a 10 mile radius. A taxi will be provided to a single destination. 

To use Group PSA’s Roadside Assistance, all that the NHS worker needs to do is call the following numbers below and quote “NHS Key WORKER”.

  • Peugeot Roadside Assistance – 08001972045
  • Citroen Roadside Assistance – 08001972046
  • DS Roadside Assistance – 080024240707
  • Vauxhall Assistance – 08001972049

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