With this short blog I will go down a different path and blog about something I have been meaning to do for some time….  Aftershave!  I know this is a car blog but there is a connection.  One of my favourite aftershaves is Porsche Design The Essence Eau de Toilette spray.  

I think I first came across it in 2011 at Frankfurt Airport when returning from the motor show.  I was first drawn to its typical Porsche Design “form follows function” look…. and even today it still catches my eye on the shelf. 

So, I admire the design of the bottle….but you ultimately buy an aftershave for its smell not its looks (well I do anyway).  The Porsche Design website says it has aromatic myrrh and juniper notes with a warm base note of patchouli and fir balsam. 

I know this is all subjective…but to me it has a fresh citrus (slightly floral) uplifting note which makes it my choice for a daytime aftershave.  It lasts all day and I don’t need to use loads as a couple of squirts is all that is needed (so a bottle lasts a good while). It isn’t overpowering and that’s the beauty of it as I almost forget that I am wearing it and then from time to time I will notice its fresh notes.

I always take it when travelling as its outer casing is slim but very robust.  A nice touch is it has rubber pads on the bottom so it doesn’t move or slip whilst stood on a shelf etc. 

So, if you are looking for a fresh, long-lasting aftershave….or one that is car related?  I really do recommend trying the Porsche Design Essence.

Porsche Design Essence Eau de Toilette is available from the Porsche Design website in either 50ml or 80ml.

Photo taken without the flash. You can see its well used and that I will need to buy another one soon.