These are my latest driving trainer purchase. They are not hugely expensive and with a quick search on the internet you will find that they start from around £36.99 for a motorsport-inspired, lifestyle driving trainer, I am pretty impressed with the price.
Now for a disclaimer alert! I am not saying that if you buy a pair of trainers like this that your feet will dance over your car accelerator, clutch and brake pedals like the rally legend Walter Rohrl in the Audi Sport Quattro (I have inserted a link of a video clip from YouTube of the man himself with his dancing feet and amazing car control).

(22) Walter Rörhl – YouTube

Anyway, back to my Puma trainers….I opted for the black on black with white detailing just above the sole and along the heel.
The Low-Top style of trainer design means my ankles are exposed but they feature well padded ankle collars for far greater comfort. They are also lightweight.
The trainer features leather uppers with the rest of the shoe made from synthetic fibres.

One of my favourite parts of the trainer has to be its “car tyre tread” inspired sole. I’m not sure if it helps to dispel water from pathways and pavements in wet walking conditions (like a good car or race tyre does in the wet) but the sole tread design looks impressive.
The insole is not overly cushioned…which means I can feel and be more delicate on the pedals. This sensation makes me feel more connected to whatever I drive.
The very flat sole and rounded heel means that I have a level base for my feet when applying pressure to the pedals.

These trainers didn’t break the bank…hence why I think they are a really good investment for people (like myself) who enjoy driving and feeling as much pedal sensation as possible through your feet. Visually they look good too.

One word of advice, I find the shoes quite narrow so I had to go one shoe size bigger than normal.


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