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Summer is on its way and with some lockdown restrictions soon lifting we will hopefully get the chance to go driving for fun, meet up with old friends at car meets and do the odd circuit track day.

When driving, especially over long distances, it is important to be wearing comfy footwear.  If you’re anything like me you want the natural feeling and sensitivity of the car pedals on the bottom of your feet…through your shoes. Plus its not just your car that makes a statement about you. Your fashion footwear does too.  

Listed below are 5 of what I think are the best, coolest looking and reasonably priced motorsport inspired driving trainers that have caught my eye so far this year.

To find out more information or to order just click on the coloured description above the trainer.

Puma SpeedKat Sparco.

This rather neat and timeless suede trainer first hit the road back in 2000. To me, it’s the daddy of all motorsport inspired trainers with the Sparco logo in pride of place on the tongue (which first drew my attention to them all those years ago). Many years ago my brother actually bought a pair of them and still has/wears them to this day.

Sparco SL-17.

This is a trainer version of the Sparco racing boot. It is made from breathable microfibre/perforated material and is available in a number of different colour combinations which makes the design of the trainer standout. 

Sparco S-Pole.

A low cut trainer version of the K-Pole karting boot. I am a keen karting racer (for fun I must add) and I do wear a pair of rather old Sparco K-mid karting boots for when I am racing, attending a car track day, taking a long drive or even just down the pub with my mates (when that was allowed). They are so comfortable.

The Sparco S-Pole trainer is made from a perforated microfibre breathable upper and features the sole extending around the front of the trainer – creating a slight lip for extra protection from scuffing. Available in a number of different colour combinations.

Sparco Martini Racing SL-17.

Well, well, well. This trainer has all the history of Formula 1 and the World Rallying Championship written all over it. You are definitely making a motorsport statement wearing these trainers. You are a hardcore motorsport fan…. Respect to you!!

Unmissable on the side of this trainer is the Martini Racing branding. I have said it before, in a previous post, that I go weak at the knees when I see the words – Sparco with the Martini Racing logo and stripes. It’s happening again.    

The Sparco Martini Racing SL-17 trainers are made from a breathable perforated micro fibre material in the blue, with red detailing and white inside the heel – perfect Martini Racing colours.

All this trainer is missing is a Lancia Delta Integrale rally car and a very muddy forest rally stage.

Puma BMW M Motorsport Ridge Cat Motorsport Shoe.

Calling all BMW drivers and BMW Motorsport fans. This has to be a must for you guys? To me,  this trainer looks more like a normal sneaker or pump. Don’t let that fool you though, this rather discreet looking trainer features the M Sport colours on the tongue and the side. The BMW connection doesn’t stop there with the BMW logo towards the rear on the outside of the upper heels and the M Motorsport logo on the outer side of the trainer (inner side of the upper). This trainer maybe the best for everyday use in the colour black. It definitely looks the toughest of all the shoes here. 

My old karting boots Sparco K-Mid boots.

So…we have now come to the end of my top motorsport inspired trainers. Personally, I am torn between the Sparco Martini Racing SL-17 and the classic Puma SpeedKats (which would have to be in the colour black). Time will tell if I will put my hand in my pocket and do some online shopping. I have some deciding to do. If I do take the plunge Ill let you know which ones I choose. 


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