This is the new BMW 5 series saloon which BMW say will be safer, lighter and more fuel efficient than the previous model.

As you can see for yourself BMW has taken a lot of inspiration from its bigger brother the 7 series. This inspiration is not only in the body design, but also the fact that you will be able to order this car with a host of driver aids like gesture control, which made its debut in the 7 series.

Other optional driver aids are:

New Driving Assistant Plus safety package which includes Lane Keeping Assistant, Lane Departure Warning system and Lane Change Warning systems. It can even assist you with steering input if it see an object in its path on a motorway. This car is really moving towards autonomous driving.

There is a whole host of other optional extras which I wont list, its is a short blog news after all.

The new car is 36mm longer, 6mm wider, 2 mm taller and the wheelbase has increased by 7mm. This all equates to more room inside for the driver and passengers.

The BMW engineers have also reduced the car aerodynamics drag factor by 10%. It now has a Cd of 0.22 (520d SE Efficient Dynamics model). So it cuts through the air better using less fuel.

BMW have launched a new TwinPower turbo engine. The new 4 cylinder petrol unit (530i) now replaces the old 528i engine.

5 series engine specs below.

Model Power
 Hp Torque   Nm 0 – 62mph Seconds Top Speed Mph Combined Mpg CO2 Emissions g/km
530i 252 350 6.2 155* 48.7 132
540i xDrive 340 450 4.8 155* 39.2 164
520d (520d xDrive) 190 400 7.5 (7.6) 146 (144) 68.8 (62.7) 108 (119)
530d (530d xDrive) 265 620 5.7 (5.4) 155* 60.1 (53.2) 124 (138)

Prices start from £36,025 on the road.

As you may already know as soon as you start ticking the optional extra box in the price list, expect the price to rise far north of the starting price.


If you do order one, you will be getting that trade mark well made BMW simplicity interior and exterior. It’s a formal business suit, I mean saloon car.

However, BMW has left me wondering why it wasn’t launched at the Paris auto show a couple of weeks ago!?

If it was me, I would be shouting this new car launch from the roof tops of Europe. Or maybe that’s the job for us bloggers to do?

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