Here it is!!!!! The first Car Show of the year for us (on this side of the world) the Geneva Motor Show!
Most car makers where there, with only a few exceptions not attending (MINI being one)!
So over the next days, weeks and months I will be posting articles blogs and pictures of my thoughts.


Lets start with the first car I was excited to see.

The New Ferrari GTC4 Lusso.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso side grey  Ferrari GTC4Lusso side and front white

The real thing looks so much better in the metal than in the Ferrari promotion pictures (see blog). It is definitely far more ‘aggressive’ looking than the previous FF, which it replaces. I do recommend that if you purchase this car you must have the custom luggage to fit in the boot too. These are stylish leather cases that match the same colour as the leather interior. See picture below.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso  Ferrari GTC4Lusso inside

To read more about the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso click below


The New Ferrari GTC4Lusso

The all new Aston Martin DB11.

Aston Martin DB11 

Ok, Aston Martin are going in a different design direction with this aluminium car. Its power comes from a 5.2 litre twin turbo 600 bhp V12 engine, which will push this car to 200mph and 0 to 62mph time of only 3.9 seconds. It has an 8 speed auto gearbox. No doubt if you were to see it driving down the street your head would turn!!

Aston Martin DB11 side  Aston Martin DB11 rear

Here at We Blog Any Car there was a feeling, while standing and looking at it, that something wasn’t exciting us!!! Our reaction to it seemed abit ‘flat’! Yes this may seem odd for some of you reading this blog to react like this to a £154,900 Orange coloured new DB11! It may be controversial?  Something just doesn’t seem right! In my opinion the headlights seem too fair apart and the front is too wide. I am not enthralled with the rear bodywork styling.  It raises over the rear wheel arch and then to slop down to the back of the car. It could simply be that We Blog Any Car are stuck in old design style of yesteryears Aston Martins….Such as the Vanquish, V8 Vantage and this one Mr Bond:

  Old Aston Martin

McLaren 570 GT

McLaren 570gt front and side  McLaren 570gt rerar

This is all down to personal taste. Looking at the 570GT I was completely drawn and charmed by the flowing lines of the body panels and shapes. That’s what impresses me about McLaren, the way they use technology.  Every feature on this car is needed and has a purpose…from its spoiler & rear diffuser, to its rear hatch window. I cant wait to put my own gym bag in there one day. (I’m off dreaming again).

Inside, the 570GT cabin is free of clutter and has a clean, clinical feel.  I felt like I would not want to ruin it with anything that had not been bought from the was that neat! This is just what I like in a car dashboard and interior. The only downside is I am not a great fan of a touch screen centre console, but i was so impressed with the rest that this didn’t bother me too much.

McLaren 570gt inside

For the stats on the new McLaren 570GT click below to read my previous post.

The McLaren 570GT For Everyday Use?

More Geneva Motorshow posts to come.

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