McLaren have informed us of an everyday “ready to use” McLaren sports car. It is the most luxurious McLaren to date with an airy cabin thanks to its Panoramic fixed glass roof but its party trick is its new side opening rear glass hatch.  This now gives you an extra 220 litres of storage for those weekends away as well as the 150 litres of boot space at the front (the same as the coupe). The Glass Hatch opens kerb side, whether left or right hand drive, and is framed by, Yes you have guessed it…….. Carbon fibre. 

McLaren 570GT boot McLaren 570 dash

It still has its dihedral doors like the coupe, but this time they open with a more upward arc, thus making it even more easier to get in and out of.

McLaren 570GT side

McLaren also say that they have fine tuned the suspension and steering, in other words made the car suspension a little bit softer and more comfy for the average guy or girl driver on a long trip. 

We Blog Any Car Stats:

  • Engine 3799cc
  • V8 Twin Turbo
  • 562 BHP
  • 7 Speed gearbox
  • 3.4 seconds 0 -62 mph
  • 204 mph top speed
  • CO2 249 g/km
  • £154,000 on the road
  • deliveries late 2016

We Blog Any Car Thoughts…………….

A practical McLaren??   What ever next?????? A McLaren SUV?

McLaren 570GT front


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