This is the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso which replaces the FF.

Ferrari claim that this car is designed for clients wanting to experience the pleasure of driving a Ferrari anywhere and anytime. I think they maybe right, because this all wheel drive Grand Tourer can carry 3 of your family members, or friends, plus you.  It now comes with rear wheel steering to complement the 4 wheel drive system, making this car even easier to drive and control.

It is powered by a 6.2 litre V12 engine producing 507 kw, 697 Nm of torque, 0 to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds and the top speed is 208 mph.

Just look at the pictures!!!! It is stunning.  A vast improvement on the FF (which, by the way, wasn’t an ugly car!).  I will say that the old FF looked better in reality than in the pictures, but this GTC4Lusso looks as if it is ready for action!

I think the best view is from where most people will see it…….  The rear!

From this view it looks wide with its new signature twin rear lights and huge tailpipes.


Ferrari GTC4Lusso r side back  Ferrari GTC4Lusso rear

Inside the GTC4Lusso it comes with a smaller steering wheel.  It also has a 10.25” HD Infotainment screen which is touch sensitive, the passenger can have their own instrument display on the passenger side of the dashboard. (what a good idea!).  Take a look at the seats.  Luxury is what this car is about.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso interior  Ferrari GTC4Lusso seats


This new Ferrari GTC4Lusso will be making its debut at next month Geneva Motorshow and I cant wait to see it.

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