Following the cancellation of this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, VW has launched a virtual 360° digital tour of how its show stand would’ve been.  You can walk through the stand and interact with the vehicles – changing the colours and wheels etc. 

“I am pleased that our marketing team has succeeded in making our booth available to all visitors despite the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show. Virtually, they can experience our team’s attention to detail in the presentation of this show and our product highlights. Once again, this demonstrates that special situations call for special solutions. We are convinced that we will be able to reach even more people in future through virtual show visits in addition to the real presentation of vehicles.”

Said Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Volkswagen brand Board of Management responsible for Sales, Marketing and After-Sales .

“Our first digital booth is only the opening chapter in our new sustainable concept for future innovative online experiences. Exploiting the opportunities offered by virtual reality is part of our digitalization strategy. It will become an integral component of our experience marketing, the entire external presentation of the brand and interaction with customers and fans.”

Said Jochen Sengpiehl, Chief Marketing Officer of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand.

Could this be the future?  Could there be a time when we don’t even go to a Motor Show or dealership to view a car but do this from the comfort of our home or the office? I know that this would work for some but personally that would not be something that I would be interested in. Maybe I am old fashioned but I like to see things in the “flesh” and be able to get a feel of it.

To view Volkswagen Geneva International Motor Show Virtual Showroom just click on the link below and follow the instructions.

My thoughts on the new Volkswagen ID.3 below.