The time had come and the VW ID.3 was the first car I raced to find at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2019.  Why? Because VW has been saying that this car is their 3rd major milestone in history (the 1st being the Beetle and 2nd the Golf). First impressions, on viewing it from the outside, were its subtle and almost minimalist look. It is slightly bigger than the current Golf but could almost pass as the new MK8 version if it had an engine….but its not and there will be a new Golf next year.  It is instantly recognisable as a VW.

Inside the same clean minimalist theme continues. The cabin area is bright with a lot of the outside light coming in.  I think the cabin looks best in a brighter colour.  I am not sure how clean and appealing a white steering wheel will look after many miles and years of driving?

I found the dashboard to be interesting.  The top half is very futuristic and tactile to touch.  It seems low and flat…. giving me an excellent view out the windscreen.  The bottom half of the dashboard (where the air vents are housed) is a very generic, functional grey colour and hard to touch. 

I was impressed with the glass roof – it adds to the airy feeling to the cabin.  The raised centre console is functional with its cupholders and storage areas. The accelerator and brake pedal have the pause and play signs on them….which adds to the fun character side of this car.

I found a lot of space for head and leg room in both the driver’s and passenger seats. It can fit 3 adults in the rear.  Everything in the cabin for the driver is at easy reach.  The multifunction steering wheel is operated using touch-sensitive buttons and everything I needed to know about the car is displayed in front of me with a digital floating binnacle.  There is also a 10 inch central display. 

Around the cabin, I did find a few places where “hard plastics” (my phrase) have been used….but on the flip side I guess it would be easy to clean if it got dirty. 

At launch the ID.3 will be available with 3 batteries size options.

45 kWh with a range up to 205 miles (330 km)

58 kWH with a range up to 260 miles (420 km)

77 kWh with a range up to 341 miles (550 km).

Using a 100kW output fast charger, it will be possible to get a range of 180 miles (290 Km) with about 30 minutes charge.

The entry model ID.3 will start from under £30,000 on the road.

I do feel that this car is at a tipping point….bridging the gap between a conventional car and this new era of electric car.

So will this car be the third chapter in VW history? Will it be as important as the Beetle and Golf before it?  I don’t know the answer to that?? I do think that cars as we know them are definitely changing before our very eyes.  Only time will tell!