I really couldn’t believe the news but it is true!… Ford are ceasing production of the Focus RS on the 6th of April 2018.

To mark this event, Ford have launched details of the new Focus RS Heritage Edition. This marks 50 years of the Ford Escort and pays homage to the first RS brand in the UK.

The RS Heritage Edition will include :- Mechanical Quaife limited slip differential, FPM373 Mountune power upgrade overboost power from 350PS to 375PS, black forged alloy wheels with grey brake callipers, black door mirrors, rear spoiler, half leather Recaro seats, carbon fibre trim, heated steering wheel, rear parking sensors, folding mirrors, privacy glass and a sunroof.

The last 50 right hand drive units off the production line will be Heritage Editions in the ‘Deep Orange’ body colour.

The RS Heritage Edition price is £39,895 on the road.

“The RS brand is hugely important to Ford and is recognised across the globe, however it has a special place in the hearts of UK Ford fans. This latest model is the best RS we’ve ever produced, so it seems a fitting tribute as we approach its 50th anniversary.”

Said Andy Barratt, chairman and managing director, Ford of Britain.

Could this be history repeating itself???

My thoughts go back to the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth. This Focus RS Heritage Edition will be as sort after as the original Sierra RS500 Cosworths are now.

All the hallmarks and ingredients have been put in place for this to happen.

You read it first here……..Mark my words!!!!!!

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Below are my first thoughts of the New Focus RS, August 5th, 2015.

The New Ford Focus RS