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31 05, 2022

NEW FIAT 500 CABRIO. Short video review.

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In this short video review, I get to test drive the new all-electric Fiat 500 cabrio around the Millbrook Test Circuit. FOLLOW ME ON: YouTube – Facebook – Instagram – webloganycar Twitter @webloganycar

19 07, 2021

NEW ELECTRIC FIAT 500. Short new car review.

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This is the new “all electric“ Fiat 500!!  I was really pleased to find that it still oozes all the charm of the long line of previous generation Fiat 500’s.  The model which I had a short drive in (around the Millbrook Test Circuit) was the Passion 87 kW - which produces 118 hp. If [...]

11 03, 2020

THE NEW FIAT 500. New car news.

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This is the all-new, all-electric Fiat 500.  The new Fiat 500 is their first ever all-electric car.  It will have a range of up to 199 miles (WLTP) and fast charging capability. It will be the first city car in its class to offer level 2 autonomous driving.  Level 2 autonomous driving includes. Front-facing camera monitoring technology [...]