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In this second test, We Blog Any Car will be testing the new Philips Racing Vision H4 headlight bulbs from Euro Car Parts.

Like the first test, we thought it only fair to test them against some brand new bulbs.

New normal H4 bulb below

And like the first test, we tested them the good old fashion way……In a dark workshop with a big white garage door to compare the bulbs.

Test 1 Dip beam.

First picture below. Philips Racing Vision Bulb H4:


Second picture below. Normal H4:


The first picture (Philips Racing Vision bulb). In this picture you can see that it has a brighter, clearer whiter light.

The second picture (normal H4 bulb) has an off-white dull look.


We then tested them as main beam bulbs.

First picture. Philips Racing Vision bulbs below:


Second picture. Normal H4 bulbs below:



FACT 1: The first picture was tested using main beam. It shows that the Philips Racing bulbs have a much greater intensity than the standard H4 bulbs.

FACT 2: There was a brighter pattern produced by the headlight reflector on the garage door due to how much brighter the Philips Racing bulbs are.

FACT 3: There were less shady, dark and dull areas with the Philips bulbs.

All this combined will help with producing better night vision with the Philips Racing Vision bulbs rather than the normal H4 bulbs.

Single headlight test main beam.

Philips Racing Vision bulb below:


Normal H7 bulb below:


In this single beam test (main beam) you can clearly see in the 2 pictures above that the Philips Racing Vision bulb intensity is so much greater than the normal H4 bulb.

The centre of the beam is more intense with a brighter whiter light, the beam has more clarity resulting in less fuzziness. The results produce a brighter light and clearer illumination of the road ahead.

Philips claim that their Racing Vision bulbs produce up to 150% better beam performance than a standard bulb. 150% will depend on many factors but I will say that there was a marked difference between the Philips Racing Vision bulb range than a standard H4 or H7 bulb. Don’t get me wrong the H7 performed well and made a significant difference compared to standard H7 bulbs. BUT with these H4 bulbs the performance was even better.

Philips Racing Bulbs below


Normal H4 bulbs below.


There is a noticeable difference with the Philips Racing Vision bulbs compared to a normal H4 bulbs. (First picture).

I would also like to add, as I stated in the H7 bulb blog, seeing with the naked eye there is so much more of a distinct difference than the camera shows.

So what is my conclusion???

The test results speak for themselves in my opinion.

As I stated with the Philips Racing Vision Bulbs in the H7 Blog, these bulbs are worth investing in if you want to purchase stronger and brighter H4 Original Fitment headlight bulbs.

The test shows again that this range of bulbs produce a more focused, brighter beam on the workshop garage door. So, this will give you better illumination and vision of the road in front of you.

They are worth the investment.

For more information or you would like to order them click on the Philips Racing Vision bulbs link below:

Philips Racing Vision Bulbs H4 from Euro Car Parts

If you would like to read the first blog on Philips Racing Vision H7 bulbs click below.



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