Lamborghini have managed to increase the power of the Urus Performante to 656bhp. 0 to 62mph only takes 3.3 seconds. The wheel arches, lower rear bumper diffuser and new rear spoiler (which increase downforce by 38%) are all made from carbon fibre. Lamborghini say that the use of composite materials in this car is the highest amount used in this segment and thanks to the weight saving tactics they shaved 47kg off the weight.  

New steel springs means the suspension has been lowered by 20mm and its wheel track is 16mm wider than a usual Urus.

An Akrapovic sports exhaust is fitted.

A new RALLY drive mode has been provided….just in case you wanted to take your Urus Performante on a dirt track.

The Urus Performante takes the supreme performance and distinctive looks of Lamborghini’s ground-breaking Super SUV to the next level, retaining its luxurious versatility and delivering the most engaging driving experience: not only on road but in every environment, distinguished through an alluring design that denotes new benchmarks for driving dynamism in what is already a remarkable car. The Urus set a new standard at its launch, taking Lamborghini’s design DNA and technological talent and delivering the world’s first Super SUV for a new era: the Urus Performante sets the bar even higher for the SUV segment.

Said says Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini Chairman and CEO. 

Prices in the UK start from £170,260 plus etc.


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