Following on from my 2 blog posts back in January 2017 regarding the new Kia Stinger, here are my first thoughts of the car at this years Geneva Motorshow.

Kia had the Stinger as its major showcase on the stand.

My first impressions of the car is that when you first see it you will definitely take notice.  Why? Maybe it’s the low sleek fastback silhouette styling or the fact it doesn’t look like anything from the big 3 German car makers.

Kia have the Europeans buyers in their mind with this car but I cant help but think it has an Amercian look to it……. especially from the rear end. Take a look at the way the rear end is styled. Those rear lights remind me of a Dodge Dart 2016.  Maybe Kia know that the majority of the sales will be in the USA.

Inside the new Stinger GT, Kia seem to have picked the best bits from all the European car makers. Take a look at the dash. The air vents looks as if they have been taken straight out of the Mercedes Benz C-class. The centre console switches and buttons look as if they have taken their inspiration from Audi.

This is not a criticism.

If I was going to give Audi say a 10/10 for the feel of their switches, metal, plastic and quality of their new interior. This new Kia will get an 9/10 from me.

Remember with this car you wont be paying Audi or Mercedes prices.

The drivers seat postion was good with a clear view of all the instrumentations. I’m not a fan of flat bottom steering wheels but this one had a good chunky feel when you gripped it.

Rear seat space was good too. Then again it is quite a big car so it should be. The only thing that felt a bit odd was it seems to have  shallow footwells.

I am not a tall guy.
So either the rear seats have a low base or the rear footwells are not deep.
The same issue is shown here with the rear boot. Its a bit on the shallow side.

Putting this all to one side, I see this as a small price to pay for a car that looks as different as this.
It is definality a head turner.

We Blog Any Car thoughts………….

So if you are not a badge snob and you want something different, this could be it.
I cant help but marvel in what Kia have done in such a sort time, not with just this car but their whole new range.
I think this car will do well….. In our UK car market? Maybe?……..But definitely should in the USA car market.

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