We Blog Any Car readers may remember at the start of the year I posted a blog about the new Infiniti Q60 and how I would love to see this car in the UK.  See blog below:

Will this Infiniti Q60 Coupe Come And Play In The UK


Well, this week Infiniti have revealed its starting price and you can pre-order it on their own website. Link is below.


Prices will start from £33,990 for the entry level 2.0 litre petrol engine which produces 208 bhp.

The mouth watering 3.0 litre V6 twin turbo, 400 bhp version will be arriving later.

My thoughts on it back in January 2016:

If this car arrives on our shores it will be a alternative to the normal BMW 4 series coupe, Mercedes C-Class coupe and the Audi A5.  If it was to be successful in the UK it would have a lot to do with how it was priced against its competitors. 

One last thing though, I commend Infiniti taking the on the Germans with this bold car design.

Well at that starting price it is in the right ball park. Yes it is a couple of grand more than say the basic spec BMW 4 series or Audi A5, but I will hazard a guess it will have more kit in it as standard.

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