This is the new Infiniti Q60 which will be making its world first appearance at the 2016 North American Motor Show.

This sports coupe will be advailble with 2 engines.  The entry model is a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder turbo charged petrol engine.  It will produces 208hp 350 Nm torque and is rear wheel drive.  The second a range topping 3.0 litre V6 twin turbo 6 cylinder engine.  This produces 400hp 475 Nm torque and has 4 wheel drive system (with the power a little biased to the rear wheels).  The 3.0 litre V6 will have new adaptive steering and digital suspension system.  The Direct Adaptive Steering will give the driver high levels of steering feel and feedback.  There is a Drive Mode Selector mode which gives the driver the option to personalise the steering’s levels of responseness and feel.

Both models will come with a 7 speed auto gearbox.


Roland Krueger, President of Infiniti said

“The Infiniti Q60 conveys a powerful elegance through its daring design, and has the performance credentials to match – thanks to next-generation ride and handling technologies and up to 400 horsepower. The Q60 will affirm In finiti’s leadership in the premium sports coupe class.”

Infiniti Q60 coupe inside


No news yet if its coming to the UK?  I really hope so!  Take a look at the car side profile, it is “definitely” different looking.  The slight kink shaped rear side window and the contour lines at the top and the bottom of the doors make this a real interesting car to look at.

Infiniti Q60 coupe side

At the front of the V6 model it has Active Grille Shutter.  When you are driving the car normally the shutter are closed. When you unwind the V6 power unit the Active Grille Shutter opens.  This helps with cooling the engine and enhance the cars aerodynamics.

Infiniti Q60 front close up



The best part of the car, in my view, is the rear which looks very neat and smooth.  It is in contrast to the rest of the car design which is very sharp and angular.

Infiniti Q60 coupe rear


We Blog Any Car Thoughts…………

If this car arrives on our shores it will be a alternative to the normal BMW 4 series coupe, Mercedes C-Class coupe and the Audi A5.  If it was to be successful in the UK it would have a lot to do with how it was priced against its competitors. 

One last thing though, I commend Infiniti taking the on the Germans with this bold car design.

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