Good news…….. British electric hypercar maker Dendrobium Automotive Limited has just announced that they are looking to manufacture their new all-electric D-1 hypercar in Great Britain.

Chairman and CEO of Dendrobium Automotive, Nigel Gordon-Stewart had this to say about Dyson’s announcement of making his new electric car abroad.

“I am just back from meetings in mainland Europe and Brexit is unquestionably causing real issues in investment in the UK. Both British and overseas investors are shying away from committing to technology developments in the UK, mainly because of the uncertainty of the financial and commercial landscape.”

“Despite the current Brexit difficulties, however, Dendrobium Automotive is committed to manufacture in Britain. The British Government continues to do its best providing Research and Development tax credits and various grants specifically for EV and PHEV UK technology and product development operations. In my opinion, Dyson’s planned manufacture in Singapore, seems very wrong. And the current ‘brain drain’ by EV development companies in the USA and Far East is also a huge concern as our focus seems to be more on a Brexit blame culture rather than keeping our sight firmly fixed on the future and investing in that future. British Engineering is, without doubt, the best in the world, and needs to be focused here in the UK to enable dominance in the biggest and most dramatic change in personal mobility in over 100 years.”

“The electric and hybrid car shift is the greatest revolution, and ev-olution, in the £100 billion automotive industry for over 100 years, and timing is critical for ensuring British Engineering remains best in the world to benefit Britain. Dendrobium are designing our own in-house all-electric power train and we plan to use our own power storage cells moving to solid state as and when the technology is reliable and financially viable, with our own unique cabling and connector system, developed in-house in the UK, as well as our own complete vehicle integration and ADAS hardware and software. From a technical perspective, the D-1 will be a British engineering tour-de-force, designed and built in Britain.”

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