This is the all-new Vauxhall Mokka for 2021. The pictures are disguised as it is not out until next year. For the first time ever the all-new Mokka will be available as a fully-electric car in addition to normal combustion engines. The all-new Mokka promises to follow Vauxhall’s new “detoxed” design language. It takes inspiration from the Vauxhall GT X Experimental concept car – shown here.  

Inside, the all-new Mokka will feature a fully digitised interior.

In the picture you can see this large yellow “K” which now confirms that the “X” name (used on previous model) has been dropped. 

The new Vauxhall Mokka will change people’s perception of our brand. Not only does it show that we’re serious about electrification, but also that we’re not afraid to innovate with design, both inside and out of the car. The Mokka is still in its development phase now, but it is set to be one of Vauxhall’s most important models when it arrives with customers at the start of next year.’

Said Stephen Norman, Vauxhall’s Managing Director.

I am so excited to see this car when it arrives in the U.K at the start of next year.  I have driven many Mokka’s/Mokka X’s in both petrol and diesel with manual and automatic gearboxes.  It is a car that represents good value for money (whether it is new or used) with a pleasant relaxing, enjoyable drive.    

To view the short heavily disguised all-new Electric Mokka video just click on the picture below.

For more information about the Vauxhall GT X Experimental concept car just click the below.

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