At the end of 2017, Apple Inc apologised to its customers for the reduced battery life of their older iPhones after making an update. This news got me thinking……..Could this be a future automotive issue?

Currently Tesla electric cars can be updated over Wi-Fi. I think that online Wi-Fi updates will be the future for the auto industry. It makes sense for everyone. The driver doesn’t have to take time out of his or her day to drive the car down to the dealership. The dealership doesn’t have to wait until the car comes into the network to update the software or contact the driver. I ask this question in jest….but in years to come, when more and more cars will be updated via Wi-Fi, could this also happen with older vehicles after they have had an update? Could you imagine one day your car has been updated and now it’s using a lot more battery power ……… all because of the update? Apple are doing what they can to rectify this by supplying new cheaper iPhone batteries at a reasonable cost. I suppose maybe one way around this would be to lease the batteries and cars from the car manufacturers…which is something that’s available now.

I personally think that the auto industry will have this potential issue covered. They will be aware of what’s happened and taken steps to avoid it…. after all there are some very clever people working in this industry. Think about everything that went on with VW and “diesel gate”…. I don’t think they will chance something like that happening again?
Interesting days ahead………..

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