We Blog Any Car had the chance to test the new VW up! GTI.
This car, on paper, seems to share so much with the original Mk1 Golf GTI  ….or so the VW marketeers will have us believe?

Now, I was around when the Mk1 Golf GTI was king and in my opinion this up! GTI is nothing like it.
This is because it is modern. It has ABS, power steering and the engine uses a turbo charger etc. The original Mk 1 Golf GTI didn’t….and it was from a completely different era!

However, if  you are living in this era and are interested in a “little city pocket rocket car” then this is for you.

The VW styling guys have done a good job making this car look more sporty than the average up!
I really do like the clever use of the black decals on the side of the car (just above the sills) which are a nod back to the original Golf GTI. I also like the stylish 17 inch alloy wheels ….which give it the understated yet sporty look.
Inside, with its ‘Jacara’ cloth tartan seats and GTI lettering (on both the gear knob and flat- bottomed steering wheel), it instantly reminds me that I am in a modern day GTI.
The dashboard has a striking ’Pixels red’ sporty pattern which helps to complete the whole GTI theatre.

Visibility is brilliant because I found that I adjusted the seat quite high and could then see all 4 corners (which also makes parking easier too).

Whilst driving the up! GTI, I found the 3 cylinder turbo engine willing to be driven higher up in its rev range. This is when the up! GTI truly comes “alive.”

I found the ride quite firm  (but it is a small car with a short wheelbase, so that is not a negative). Its sports suspension sits 15 mm lower than the standard up!

The steering is precise … and the 6 speed manual gearbox is so slick it almost makes you change gear for fun.

To sum up:
It is a good solid city car and you wouldn’t go far wrong by choosing one. I can also see the residual values being strong.

So is it like an original Golf GTI??
That is like asking…. is a Commodore 64 like a PlayStation 4?!

We Blog Any Car stats:

  • 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engine
  • Turbo
  • 115 PS
  • 200 Nm of torque
  • 6 speed manual
  • 8.8 seconds 0 to 62 mph
  • 122 mph top speed
  • Prices start from £13,750