This is the new VW T-Cross Breeze at the Geneva motorshow 2016.

The T-Cross Breeze is a SUV convertible. From my photos you can see it has very short body overhangs which makes the concept car proportions seem compact.  VW say the T-Cross Breeze is taking a SUV and convertible and blending it together to become a cool and affordable concept.

It has a 300 W BeatsAudio sound system inside, so I’ll guess that makes it pretty cool.

The T-Cross Breeze seats 4 and has next generation touch sensitive dash surfaces. It doesn’t have switches and buttons like the dashboard of a normal VW that we drive now.


VW T-Cross Breeze dash (2)

Under its bonnet is a 1.0 litre TSI turbo engine producing 110 PS.

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Very interesting!! This is VW moving into a new and different direction with this concept car, an SUV convertible. 

Now I am not a fan of the Land Rover Evoque convertible (read my blog on the Evoque convertible to find out why) but I will guess VW will see how the “car world” reacts to it before deciding to produce it?We will wait and see.

For me………….The jury is out!

VW T-Cross Breeze roof up (2)

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