With everything that’s been going on with VW’s (“dieselgate”) they have been very busy changing their business strategy away from diesel engines to electric vehicles. However, VW will not forget the good old fashioned petrol engine which has come on leaps and bounds in fuel efficiencies and technologies.

Their strategy will be more electric, petrol and then diesel engines.

VW say that this concept car will be in production in 2020 and I believe them, it has too be!

The I.D. is smaller than the current Golf but will have the same amount of room inside as a Passat. Its batteries are located in the floor.

The I.D. will be powered by a 125 kW electric motor which will produce about 170 PS. It will have an electric range of around 370 miles. Don’t forget with zero emissions.

Dr Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Board of Management Volkswagen Brand explained:


“In 2020 we will begin to introduce an entire family of electric vehicles on the market. All of them will be based on a new vehicle architecture which was specially and exclusively developed for all-electric vehicles. Not for combustion engine or plug-in hybrid vehicles. The I.D. stands for this new era of all-electric vehicles, for a new automotive era: electrical, connected and autonomously driving.”


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It has a nice simple. clean body shape. We will wait and see if it looks as good in 4 years time when it goes into production.

Will it be as successful and as much of a game changer as the original Beetle or Mk1 Golf?


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