This is a must see from Bentley.  Click on the video at the end of this blog to view a Bentley Continental GT Speed being driven by Australian racing legend John Bowe.  John Bowe is a 6 time Australian touring car and 2 time Bathurst 1000 champion winner. 

John was driving the Bentley on the Stuart Highway in the deep Northern territory in Australia.

Bentley GT Speed dirt

The Stuart Highway starts at Darwin in the Northern Territory and finishes in Port Augusta, South Australia and is 1,761 miles long.  The Australian government are trialing an open speed limited on a 120 mile stretch between Alice Springs and Barrow Creek.

We Blog Any Car stats:

Bentley Continental GT Speed

6.0 litre W12

Twin turbo

626 bhp

820 Nm torque

206 mph top speed.


We Blog Any Car thoughts…………


Bentley informs us that at top speed this car covers 92 metres per second….. imagine the size of a full sized football pitch.


Click on the video below……..

John Bowe said: “This isn’t a modified racecar; it’s a luxurious grand touring road car fresh off the production line. It took us a little over a minute to go from a standstill to 206 mph. That’s extraordinary. Even when you break through the 200 mph barrier, the GT Speed just keeps accelerating.”

Bentley GT speed rear

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