It has been a year since the Groupe PSA ( Peugeot Citroen group) bought Vauxhall/Opel from General Motors. The future for Vauxhall and Opel now looks a lot brighter with the group posting some good financial news.
So, Vauxhall are looking to the future and they are teasing us with this picture of the front of its GT X Experimental brand concept for the mid 2020s.
They are showing us a major new design direction.

British Vice President Design Mark Adams said:

“Design will be at the heart of everything that we do in future. It will truly differentiate the Vauxhall brand, and make it sharper and more relevant to our core values. We are a proud British brand and design inspiration is all around us in the UK – from the bold ingenuity of James Dyson to the pure designs of Jonathan Ive – and this concept will embody that.