This is the latest 8th generation all-new Vauxhall Astra Plug-in Hybrid.

I would suggest that this car could possibly be the most important Astra to date. I see this car as a halfway house (bridging the gap) between full battery electric power and an more conventional internal combustion engine Astra.

For those who may not be completely sold on the idea of a 100% battery powered electric car but would like to dip a toe in …this is perfect for you. With this Astra you have the battery electric motor for emission free driving and (when needed) the reassurance of a petrol engine under the bonnet.

The new Astra is also available in petrol and diesel. A fully electric version will be available in 2023.

The new Astra is a car that won’t be mistaken for any other car on the road with its striking Vizor front end, muscular front wings and rear hunches.

This car promises a lot…purely on looks alone and thankfully the interior matches up to the exterior.

Stepping inside the new Astra the dashboard is dominated by (what Vauxhall call) its “Pure Panel” a pair of 10-inch displays. The Pure Panel consists of the digital instruments in front of the driver and the infotainment system in the centre of the dashboard.

The infotainment system is very easy to use and comes as standard with Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

The interior trim and switch gear both have a quality feel and the buttons are clear and easy to use.

Where this car excels even more is its silent emission free driving. It can travel up to 43 miles on pure electric power. The 1.6 litre turbo engine seamlessly cuts in when required and is perfectly complemented by the silky smooth 8 speed automatic transmission.

Also, there are 3 different drive modes that can be selected; 

Battery (which is pure battery power), Hybrid and Sport.

This car thoroughly enjoys a twisty A or B road with its agile handling with minimal body roll.

Thanks to its 81kw electric motor, It has noticeable punch especially when accelerating out of road junctions.

The other side to the new Astra Plug-in Hybrid is that it is very capable of relaxing motorway cruising in near silence.

Just from taking a quick drive in the all new Vauxhall Astra Plug-in Hybrid, I was thoroughly impressed and would definitely recommend taking a closer look at one if you are in the market for a plug-in hybrid hatchback in this class.

We Blog Any Car stats:

  • 1.6 petrol turbo engine
  • 81kw electric motor
  • 180PS combined power
  • 12.4kw battery
  • 360 Nm of torque
  • 8 speed automatic transmission
  • 7.7 seconds 0 to 62 mph
  • 140 mph top speed
  • range up to 43 miles on pure electric battery
  • £32,700 prices start from

A special thanks to Baylis Vauxhall for the use of their Astra Plug-in Hybrid GS Line.

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