Reservations are now open for the new 2019 Toyota Supra.

There will only be 300 new U.K. Supras available in 2019.  Customers can place an official online reservation, with only a £1,000 deposit, via the website…. or go online to your Toyota dealership of choice web page.

Prices and specifications will be announced soon for the eagerly anticipated, 300+ bhp, straight 6 front engined, rear wheel drive car.

Andrew Cullis, Toyota GB Marketing Director, said

“The new Toyota Supra is a thoroughbred sports car with huge appeal to customers who are seeking a great driving experience and exclusivity. With only limited numbers available, we want to give people the earliest opportunity to secure their vehicle.”

Below are the UK sales figures:

1982-1985 Celica Supra (4,132 units)
1986-1993 Supra (11,551 Units)
1994-1996 Supra (623 units)

Car pictured here is the camouflaged New Toyota Supra prototype vehicle (A90).