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Arriving in December 2015, this is the new C-Class Coupe.

The C-Class Coupe has all the quality touches we would expect from a new Mercedes Benz in coupe form with frameless doors, and my favourite automatic seat belt feeder. (The seat belt comes to you on a plastic arm so you don’t have to reach over your shoulder).

Inside it has more headroom and shoulder room because it has a longer wheelbase and is wider too.

The cabin follows the C-class saloon for style and quality but with a more sporty feel.

However, if you wanted to feel even more sporty, there will be a AMG Line version which includes AMG Styled bumpers and sills, 18 inc AMG alloys, diamond grill, flat bottomed steering wheel, sports seats, aluminium on the dash and the door trim inside the cabin.

There are a whole host of optional extras you can order with this car, Air Suspension, Distronic Plus (adaptive cruise control) PRE-Safe (detect pedestrians and brakes if the driver fails to react).  The list goes on.

We Blog Any Car Stats……………


1.6 litre engine 4 cylinder C180 156 hp

2.0 litre engine 4 cylinder C200 184 hp C250 211 hp C300 245hp


170 hp

204 hp

Euro 6 compliant and consumes up to 27% less fuel.

More details to follow.

We Blog Any Car thoughts……………

It has the look of a mini S-Class Coupe.  It’s a stylish and polished looking coupe. 

If you were going to order a new Audi A5, just stop and think… It Maybe worth just waiting to see this Merc.