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This Is the only way to travel. The fastest Audi A8 you can buy.
Orders banks will open in October 2015 for delivery in January.
The starting price is £97,700.
Inside has all the luxuries that you would expect from a car in this class.
22 way adjustability comfort sports seats.
Mmi navigation, Matrix LED headlights.
Leather and Alcantara.
The list goes on but this a quick blog after all.

We Blog Any Car Stats:

4.0 Litre V8 TFSI Engine
605 PS
3.8 seconds 0-62 MPH
155 MPH Limited
189 MPH Derestricted
21 Inch Alloy Wheels
Carbon Fibre Front Spoiler

We Blog Any Car thoughts……………

This is a real stealth car.
It wouldn’t look out of place outside an embassy or parked in a director’s space in a business park somewhere in Milton Keynes.

I have one question??????????

Is it better being the passenger having someone else driving so that you can sit back and watch the scenery???? Or is it better driving it yourself? Either way we don’t think you will be disappointed!