It has only been a few weeks since the launch of the all-new M3 and M4 models and the latest news coming out of BMW HQ is that a four-wheel drive version will be coming in the next few months.
Prices will start from £77,015 for the M3 Competition M xDrive and £78,315 for the M4 Competition M xDrive.

The M xDrive system has an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch in the transfer case. It distributes the drive between the front and rear wheels. The xDrive all-wheel drive system has a rear wheel biased set-up with the front wheels coming into play when the rear wheels are at their limit of power adhesion in.
Both M3 and M4 all-wheel drive versions are 0.4 seconds quicker (from 0 – 62 mph) than the rear-wheel drive versions.

We Blog Any Car stats:

  • 3.0 litre straight – six engine
  • Twin turbo
  • 510 hp
  • 650 Nm of torque
  • 8 speed M Steptronic transmission
  • 3.5 seconds 0 – 62 mph
  • 155 mph top speed (electronically limited)
  • Production starting in July


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