Seat leon CrossLeonCrossSportfront

It is motorshow season. Many car manufactures are showing various possibilities in their next product line up, and Seat are no different with this its Seat Leon Cross Sports Show Car.

The design concept is a crossover vehicle that has some “off road capability”.  The engine has 295bhp 380 Nm of torque and a 6 speed DSG dual-clutch transmission with an all wheel drive system.  Think of a raised up Seat Leon 2 door.


We Blog Any Car Thoughts…………….

We think that Seat are just putting this idea out into the market to see how we all react to it.

A 2 door urban crossover?  It’s already out there.  “Range Rover Evoque”  I hear you say…….!   

Yes………. but this will be cheaper we guess, if it gets the go ahead?


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