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The new Vauxhall Astra (Built in Britain) will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motorshow next month.
As with any new vehicle launch, this will be important for Vauxhall.
The Astra has been one of Vauxhall’s best selling models, so this new Astra has to be competitive against the Ford Focus and VW Golf.
Most new cars seem to be getting larger with every new launch, the Astra is however smaller on the outside but with more room on the inside and up to 200kg lighter.

The result is that Vauxhall have made a more aerodynamic car that weighs less with more fuel efficient engines.
They have also redesigned the interior too, so it will feel more up-market with the quality materials used.
Vauxhall have also “pulled a blinder” with the pricing of the Astra. It is £2200 less expensive than the current Astra when it arrives in October.

We Blog Any Car stats:

Prices Start from £15,295.00

Petrol and diesel units, including the new ‘Whisper Diesel’ unit, the 1.6-litre ‘Whisper Diesel’ (110PS) is to offer class leading 91.1 mpg and C02 emissions of 82g/km 

Alloy wheels

Air conditioning

DAB Radio

Electric Windows

Cruise Control


7inc colour touchscreen with USB connection.

is all standard.

Other models in the range above the Design model is:

Tech Line, Energy, SRI and Elite.

More news to follow when we see it.


We Blog Any Car thoughts…………………

From looking at the pictures, this new Astra has a striking design.  Put this together with better Mpg, better build quality, new technology (like Vauxhall OnStar that includes 4G LTE mobile network emergency response), Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (which is all available with the IntelliLink infotainment system at an extra price).

Got to be a winner………….!