The new Toyota Supra was one of the cars I was super excited to see at the Geneva Motor Show.  Visually, this car does not disappoint.

I am sure that it is one of those cars that will immediately catch your attention when you see it on your local roads.

Its curvaceous shape (with a series of swoops, slashes and air vents) gives me the impression that this car will follow on from where the legendary, previous models left off.

When I first sat inside I noticed how low I felt ….mainly because the transmission tunnel and centre console is high and close to me (it also doubles up as a comfy arm rest). I adjusted the steering wheel so that my arms where slightly bend with my hands resting at a “Ten to Two” position.

The really good news is that I could see the clear instrumentation in front of me.  Toyota have a way of designing clear labelled, simple buttons to read and all of the switch gear and door trims have a premium feel to them. 

The version I was sitting in was the GR Supra A90 Edition and the UK price starts at £56,945. 

In the UK, production of this launch version is limited to only 24 cars.  It is finished in Storm Grey matt paint with black alloy wheels.  Inside it has red leather seats and red leather on the steering wheel.

The interior air vents look as if they run the whole length of the dashboard (from the binnacle to the passenger door) but they don’t.  It reminded me of the mid 80’s Supra (A70).

You will know by now that in my blogs I don’t like to be too negative about things.  But I was surprised to see that the new Supra had fake air vents (pictured here).  I guess it adds to the styling of the car but I do wish they were real. 

Back to the good news….Check out the car’s stats and the my short video walk around below:

We Blog Any Car stats:

  • 3.0 litre 6 cylinder engine
  • Twin scroll turbos
  • 335 bhp
  • 500 Nm of torque
  • Rear wheel drive
  • 8 speed auto gearbox
  • 4.3 seconds 0 to 62 mph
  • Prices start from £52,695
For my short video walk around the new Toyota GR Supra, just click on the photo above.

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