This is the new Peugeot 508 – which was on display at the Geneva International Motor Show.
I was already impressed by the media pictures Peugeot produced….but when I saw it in the metal it surpassed all expectations.

The last time I saw a new Peugeot this impressive was the Peugeot 405.  The Peugeot 405 was launched way back in 1988…. at that time the Ford Sierra and the Vauxhall Cavalier were “king” in this sector.  Then, the 405 arrived!  It was a breath of fresh air – winning “Car of the Year” in 1988.

Maybe time will repeat itself with this new model?

The silhouette of this car is really businesslike.  It is styled with slightly flared rear arches and clean crisp “coupe” bodylines.

It is obvious that there has been a huge amount of thought behind the styling of this car.  From the front it looks aggressive!  It has LED daytime running lights that appear like 2 slashes from a Samurai Sword cut into the front bumper.

The rear is very neat.


The interior is very stylish and sophisticated with a good feel to the switches and plastics.  The centre console is raised and I found that my arm rested really comfortably on it. The whole interior is very “French chic”.  Interestingly I found the seats quite comfy, soft and springy.

One thing that I would have to get used to is the very small steering wheel.  I had to adjust it (to what seemed a very low position) so that I could see the LCD dials, but this is a minor  point….which wouldn’t put me off this car at all.

Also at the show, Peugeot launched a limited run of 200 508’s called “First Edition” which are heading for the UK market.

The 508 First Edition can be ordered with a choice of 2 engines – a PureTech 225 bhp EAT8 petrol or a BlueHDI 180 bhp EAT8 diesel engine.

Customers are required to pay £250 to reserve the car.  On doing so you will also get free servicing for 4 years and a gift of a set of FOCAL Wireless Headphones.
The First Edition has:  19″ inch Augusta alloy wheels, massage drivers seat, seats trimmed with Alcantara® part Nappa leather, a 360° colour camera system, fully automated parking assistance, night vision and a wireless smartphone charging plate.

First deliveries will start in October 2018.

We Blog Any Thoughts…………

My thoughts on this car?  If you are going to be in the market for a D segment car, and you can wait until towards the end of the year, then this car will be well worth that wait.  I have written this and I haven’t even driven the car!!  If it drives as well as it looks…… Peugeot may very well have 405 history repeating itself!! 


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