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Do you have £63,000?

Do you want a really good track day car?

Do you then want to be able to drive it home, and to work the next day?.
Here it is……….The Lotus Exige 360 Cup.
This Lotus has a limited production of 50.  Each Exige 360 Cup will be numbered on a Lotus Motorsport build plate inside the car.

You can choose from four colours choices:  Metallic white, metallic grey, metallic black and metallic silver.
It will boast increase power and a new exhaust system.
The Exige chassis is lotus designed and is made from lightweight aluminium. The suspension is 2-way adjustable and it has a 4 driving modes. drive, sport, launch control and off.(off for you track focus racers).
Inside it has racing bucket seats with 4-point harnesses and a quick release steering wheel.

We Blog Any Car stats:

3.5 Litre V6 engine
345 BHP
0-60 MPH 3.8 seconds
Max torque 295
Top speed 170 mph
Co2 emissions 235 g/km
Light weight front panel
Light weight tailgate
Upgraded front aero, front splitter, rear diffuser and spoiler

Better brakes.
Lotus say that at the speed of 100MPH it will produce 42kg of downforce, 
Its total weight is only 1130kg
Prices from £62,995

A limited production bespoke road racing car. If you buy one you will have your hands full every time you turn the key….full of fun that is!
An ‘alternative’ choice.