Dare to dream?  We are all allowed to dream but for some people my dreams are others peoples reality.

A lucky, or well deserved, few will get to either drive or own this car. It will have an exclusive feel as Ferrari are only be making 799 of them.

No doubt that the limited number of 799 have already been sold before they have even finished the prototypes.

It is the ultimate Ferrari F12 Berlinetta road car but it has race car performance, with Ferrari showcasing their technical wizards defying corner physics.  This car is all about the aerodynamics, vehicle dynamics and the engine.

Ferrari have been pushing their technology knowhow even further with the introduction of its new rear wheel steering system which Ferrari call “Virtual Short Wheelbase”.  This improves cornering at speed. When turning in sharply with this car the rear wheels will follow a tighter line more than in a standard car. For example; in a standard car, without this system, the back end of the car will want to push out wide, or to the outside of the corner. If this happens the result is either skidding backwards straight to the scene of your own accident, or you have to drive slower into the corner which loses time. This Virtual Short Wheelbase system also improves the stability at very fast speeds too.

The new aero package that Ferrari have developed means at 120mph it produces 230kg which is 107kg more than the normal F12.

I just love the side rear air vents (louvres) just above the rear wheels. These vents help exit the built up air in the inner wheel arch from the rotating rear wheels.  In my opinion the best view of this model is the side view .  It reminds me of my favourite Ferrari the 288 GTO (production dates 1984 to 1987).  Google it for pictures. 

Ferrari F12TDF side view

It has a completely redesigned race like splitter and front bumper. This bumper has been designed with louvres and air channels to enable the rushing air to flow more efficiently. There is a new aero underbody with floor wings which will also aid the airflow.

The rear diffuser has been redesigned with a three active flap system. So with the new front splitter, bumper and GT racing inspired aerodynamic underbody the result is a 30% increase in downforce alone.

Ferrari F12 TDF rear

It lapped the Fiorano test track in only 1 minute and 21 seconds.

The Ferrari 488 GTB and the F12 Berlinetta have both recorded a time of 1 minute and 23 seconds.  The F12TDF is a clear 2 seconds faster.

Ferrari redesigned the bodywork and transmission, created a lighter interior and along with the use of carbon fibre it has lost a staggering 110kg compared to the normal F12.

We Blog Any Car stats:

  • Engine size  6,262 cc V12
  • 770 Bhp
  • 705 Nm of torque
  • 211 mph top speed (or as Ferrari put it.  In excess of 211 mph)
  • 2.9 seconds 0 to 62 mph
  • 7.9 seconds 0 to 124 mph
  • 1,415 kg Dry weight
  • 20 inch alloy wheels
  • Carbon fibre instrument housing
  • Alcantara cabin trim

 Ferrari F12TDF front


Checkout this official awesome video of the Ferrari F12TDF.  Lets dream!!!

Happy watching!!!!!


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