Here is a car that not only looks good…it is also green for the planet.  This is the cute little Honda e.  For me it was definitely “my car” of the Frankfurt Motor Show. 

I am somewhat torn in how to best describe this car.  Is it retro? is it ultra futuristic?  I really don’t know and I struggle to define it.  One thing’s for sure….it is cool!

Honda have gone down a different route with this fully electric car.  For a start – its battery range is 136 miles…so it will be best suited for the city commute. 

There will be 2 versions on offer…. a 100kW 136PS -prices start from £26,160 and a 113kW 154PS – prices start from £28,660.

0 to 62 mph will take 8 seconds and via fast charging will recharge the battery up to 80% in 30 minutes.

Inside has to be one of the most pleasant interiors I have been in for a while.  It is also the best new all – electric car interior I have seen so far.  On opening the driver’s door (using the rather flush pop-out door handle)

I was greeted with a 12.3-inch LCD touchscreen digital dashboard that runs almost the width of the car interior.  Underneath the LCD digital dashboard screen was contrasting wood which has a calming effect on the interior (and me).  My thoughts were….here is a dashboard that is high-tech with the digital screens perched on top of classic wood or wood effect (I wasn’t sure if it was real wood or not?)  It has a modern and contemporary form to it. At first this seemed conflicting to me but actually the two forms go together really well. At a recent media event I got talking with a Honda representative who informed me that the Honda e’s dashboard and interior has taken its inspiration from a living room.  

At either end of the dashboard are two screens which display the live view from the side rear door cameras.  The dashboard is low which gave me a good view out of the windscreen. 

In the rear, it can easily fit 2 adults and there is plenty of headroom. 

The Honda e has a “feel good” spirit about it and It is not only because it is battery powered, produces no emissions and is good for our planet….It is more to do with the experience and interaction you have within the car.

The words – pleasant, cool, relaxing or quirky don’t do this car justice. I just can’t imagine myself getting frustrated while stuck in traffic in this car!!  

Even though its been over 2 weeks since I first looked around the Honda e and it has left a long lasting impression on me.  I think the best word to describe being inside it is…bliss!!! 

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