It made me smile when I found out that the little Fiat Panda is now 40 years old. The original Panda was styled by one of the best car designers in the world – Giugiaro. Since it’s launch in the U.K,  the Panda has sold over 284,000 units. 

Back in the early 2000’s, at work, I took a Mk1 Panda 4×4 (yes a four wheel drive version) in part exchange for about £800 (I think). I remember driving it just to make sure everything was ok and thinking how much fun it was to drive. Looking back, maybe I should’ve bought it for myself? Sadly back then I didn’t have anywhere to store it!! Good old hindsight! 

Panda Mk1.

Panda Mk2

Panda Mk 3


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