This is the new Eagle Spyder GT, the lastest addition to come from the Special Edition Jaguar E-Types.
As with all Eagle Special Edition, the Spyder GT is a original E-Type Jaguar that has been restored. There will only be a few bespoke hand built cars made.
Powering the Spyder GT is a 4.7 litre XK engine that produces 330 bhp. It has an aluminium gearbox, engine block, monocoque and uses magnesium parts that keeps the overall weight of the car down. It only weighs 1,029 kg.

We Blog Any Car stats:

  • 4.7 litre straight 6 engine
  • 330 bhp
  • 340 ft of torque
  • 5 speed manual gearbox
  • Under 5 seconds 0-60 mph
  • 170mph to speed
  • AP Racing aluminium brake calipers
  • £695,000 price


We Blog Any Car thoughts………………….

Hand built, bespoke and only a few will ever be made. All of this making the Eagle Spyder GT a  very, very special car indeed. Oh did I mention the price?

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