This is the new Bugatti Chiron at the Geneva Motorshow 2016.
Beautiful, stunning and gracious styling.

Bugatti chiron side Bugatti Chiron rear

Take a look at the stats below.
We Blog Any Car Stats:

(Pre production vehicle).

  • Mid engine.
  • Cylinder capacity 7993 cm.
  • Engine type W16.
  • Power 1,500 hp.
  • 4 Turbos with Bugatti new 2 stage turbocharging.
  •  Gearbox 7 speed DSG dual clutch.
  • All wheel drive.
  • Top speed 261 mph (limited).
  • Exterior A colour Atlantic Blue.
  • Exterior B colour French Racing Blue.
We Blog Any Car thoughts………..
It really does look better in the metal. I didn’t think they could ever better the Veyron!?, Well it seems Bugatti have.
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