Whilst living in the Cotswolds I have noticed that quite a few farmers and groundsmen are driving around in the Isuzu D-Max, so when I had the chance to get behind the wheel of one I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity.
Isuzu vehicles are not new to me. I have had some experiences with older Bedford-Vauxhall pick-ups and SUVs which were re-badged Isuzus. Back in those days, Isuzu was owned by the huge American automotive giant General Motors (GM). Casting my mind back I remember the Isuzu diesel engines in the Astra and Cavalier. They weren’t the most refined or quick compared to today’s standards but they were frugal and bullet proof.
In places like Barbados (and around the world) Isuzu vehicles are known for their good reliability.
My cousin in Barbados has been using his Isuzu 4×4 pick-up as his daily drive for over 20 years. With some of the indifferent road surfaces (in some parts of Barbados) and the punishing heat..it keeps going and going and this is testament to its build quality.

Lets be honest… the previous generation Isuzu 4x4s where tough but not the best for ergonomics – until now.

Isuzu have their sights firmly set on the “lifestyle” customer with the new D-Max.

Viewing it from the outside, I am pleased to write that it still has its tough and “ready for a hard day’s work” look about it and this is due to its big wheel arches and imposing front grille with “Isuzu” written boldly in chrome. Then I noticed Bi-LED with Daytime Running Lights, 18 inch two-tone alloy wheels, big chrome door handles, mirrors and sidesteps.

Stepping up inside the cockpit my eyes where immediately drawn to the 7 inch Multifunction Touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a smooth feeling leather steering wheel, dual zone climate control and keyless entry with a push button start which firmly moves this vehicle into the “lifestyle” category.

I had this D-Max for a quick drive so I didn’t have time to take it off road.
My first impression was it is worlds away from the previous generation Isuzus.
I was pleased to find (when driving) I didn’t encounter much body roll. Obviously, it isn’t the quickest thing out there but that is not the reason to buy or use a vehicle like this.
The steering is assured and the 6 speed auto transmission is well adequate for the job. Engine noise isn’t intrusive into the cabin and the suspension did a good job to soften any change in road surfaces and bumps.
With my short drive, I could see that the new D-Max can easily do the everyday town driving, weekend trip away or sports activity as it has plenty of interior room for all the passengers – including in the rear (where I found the seats flat but firm).

I will sum up the new D-Max as “not all work….some play”.
If you are in the market for something like this..It will be well worth taking a serious look at one.

We Blog Any Car stats:

  • 1.9 litre diesel engine
  • 164 PS
  • 6 speed auto transmission
  • 13 seconds 0 to 62 mph
  • 112 mph top speed
  • 30.7 mpg auto (WLTP)
  • CO2 241 combined
  • prices start from £35,644.80 on the road (manual)
  • prices start from £37,444.80 on the road (auto)


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