Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit The Classic Motor Hub in Bibury.  The showroom is in a old World War II blister hangar, nestled away in the leafy beautiful surroundings of the Cotswolds.

As soon as you enter the premises time stands still.  If you are a car enthusiast…. this place is like super unleaded fuel to a petrol engine.

Its classic car showroom is full to the brim of very (very) rare cars….from early Aston Martins to mid 1990’s Ferraris.

They even have classic racing bikes on display for sale.

But, last Sunday The Classic Motor Hub was the host for the Jaguar owners “Coffee and Classic” meet.  This is where owners of Jaguar cars get to meet over a tea/coffee, take in the surroundings and have a general good chit chat.

Throughout the past summer months, The Classic Motor Hub held a variety of different owners club coffee meets….as well as classic car meetings.

Check out the pictures below from last Sunday’s meet.

It was a real eye opener to get up close to some very rare and classic vehicles.

As well as it being a place to purchase a classic vehicle,  The Classic Motor Hub can store and maintain it too.

Check out the short video below.

For more information about the Classic Motor Hub please click the link below.